Ants, Get On Your Pants is a beautifully written book that takes the reader on an amazing journey through the eyes of ants! Once you begin the first chapter, children and adults will become quickly absorbed into a world of adventure, excitement and learning. The author, Sandy Aultman, developed heartwarming characters with their own distinct personality traits rich with humor, sincerity, wit and sarcasm. As a teacher, it's refreshing to have a resource that is both entertaining and educational. This is a book that truly makes science fun.

Ms. Karen Stewart
Middle School Special Education Teacher
Albany, NY

What an interesting and exciting way to reinforce science concepts. The characters and story are so engaging that the children will be drawn into the adventures and therefore into learning.

Mrs. Julie Ryan
Fourth Grade Teacher
Webster, NY

Ants, Get On Your Pants is a touching, thoughtful and inspiring book. The author, Sandy Aultman, seamlessly intertwines an entertaining story with the 4th grade science curriculum. The book is combined with an actual hands-on ant habitat to create an exceptional learning tool; one that you can truly say brings science to life!

Mrs. Caroline Miller
Certified Teacher/Parent Webster, NY

I found the book to be an easy read and very informative. The author has incorporated a tremendous amount of scientific fact into a very entertaining fictional story and included "inside stories," which personalize the book for the reader. The book includes life and death, war, love, personal values etc. What more could a reader want from a book?

Mr. Jim Gooch
State College, PA